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TCS Issued Patent

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. , a leading provider of mission-critical wireless communications, today announced the USPTO has issued patent number 7,355,990 for “Mobile-Originated. The invention relates to the communication between a mobile (i.e., wireless) device and an application server via a short message service center (SMSC) and the Internet.

Title: Mobile-originated to HTTP internet communications
Abstract: A mobile device-to-HTTP protocol gateway (MHG, or “MO Gateway”) which translates between Wireless Mobile Originated commands from an SMSC, and an application server on the Internet (i.e., a “web IP Server”). A wireless Internet gateway establishes communications with one or more relevant SMSCs using standard format SMPP commands, and the MHG utilizes HTTP protocol POST messages to post short messages originated at the mobile device to a particular URL. Return results are received by the MHG via HTTP protocol messages, translated to SMPP messages, and forwarded back to the SMSC for delivery to the mobile device. The wireless Internet Gateway communicates with the MHG using RMI protocol commands. An MHG in accordance with the principles of the present invention enables a developer to create mobile applications using standard web development tools, e.g., Java Servlets. The MHG allows standard format command messages to be used throughout the pathway between a mobile device and an application program on a web IP server at a particular URL.
Filed: April 25, 2005
Issued: April 8, 2008
Inventors: Smith; Richard A, Wilson; Johanna


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