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Satyam faces $1 b damages

Satyam Computer Services, India’s fourth-largest software exporter, could be staring at penalties in excess of $1 billion if it loses a case to one of its former customers, Upaid Systems, in the US federal court in Texas.

On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal rejected a Satyam request that the case be heard in the UK, asking it to pay up the legal charges, too.

Satyam and Upaid, a UK-based online and mobile payments service company, are locked in a legal battle in the UK and the US on what the latter calls “forgery, breach of contract.”

Simon Joyce, chief executive, Upaid, told DNA from London : “The sum involved is large and would be determined ultimately by the jury. However, there are a number of documents in the public domain, which make it clear that the damages could be over $1 billion.”

Satyam closed FY08 with revenues of Rs 8,473 crore, or little in excess of $2 billion. Its reserves and surplus stands at about Rs 7,100 crore or about $1.8 billion.

The case is not an intellectual property dispute or something pertaining to the patentability of a product or ownership of patent. It is about agreements on the transfer of intellectual property.


3Com Wins $45m in Patent Case

A US jury has ruled that Realtek Semiconductor Corp has infringed a number of 3Com Corp patents and has awarded the plaintiff $45.3million in damages.

3Com Corp claimed that Taiwanese company Realtek had infringed four of its patents relating to revolutionary network interface technology. The jury found in favour of all of 3Com Corp’s claims. It also decided that Realtek had encouraged others to infringe the patents in the US, thereby being involved in wilful patent violation.

3Com Corp is now tracking a final court judgement consistent with the jury findings. It is hoping the court will consider enhancing the damages because of Realtek’s wilful actions.

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