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Orqis(R) Medical Awarded 15th U.S. Patent

Medical Corporation, a medical products company developing and marketing devices to improve cardiac performance through Aortic Flow Therapy, announced today that the USPTO has issued U.S. Patent number 7,331,921 (the ‘921 patent) entitled “Implantable Heart Assist System and Method of Applying Same.” The ‘921 patent which discloses and claims methods and apparatus for intravascular renal (kidney) perfusion is exclusively owned by Orqis and is the Company’s 15th U.S. Patent.

Patent #: US7331921
Title: Implantable heart assist system and method of applying same
Abstract: An extracardiac pumping for supplementing the circulation of blood, including the cardiac output, in a patient without any component thereof being connected to the patient’s heart, and methods of using same. One embodiment of the intravascular extracardiac system comprises a pump with inflow and outflow conduits that are sized and configured to be implantable intravascularly through a non-primary vessel, whereby it may positioned where desired within the patient’s vasculature. The system comprises a subcardiac pump that may be driven directly or electromagnetically from within or without the patient. The pump is configured to be operated continuously or in a pulsatile fashion, synchronous with the patient’s heart, thereby potentially reducing the afterload of the heart. In another embodiment, the system is positioned extracorporeally, with the inflow conduit and outflow conduit applied percutaneously to a non-primary vessel for circulating blood to and from the non-primary vessel or between the non-primary vessel and another blood vessel within the patient’s vasculature.
Assignee: Orqis Medical Corporation
Filed: June 28, 2004
Issued: February 19, 2008


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