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Quickness of mind a key to key patent trapping

Intellectual property searching is performed for many different reasons:

  1. To make an initial determination of whether a patent application should be filed
  2. To conduct an investigation in determining what others in a particular field of technology are doing
  3. To avoid a patent infringement action
  4. To invalidate a competitor patent

Searching for patent prior art, either for patentability, or in an invalidity search, can be condensed, and its value assured, by applying skillful techniques. Every search is not a rocket science.

Besides science involved, search skill development relates to knowing a variety of prior art sources, knowing the opportunities and limitations of the different art sources, and being able to extract highly relevant references efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, there is no substitute to quickness of mind, quickness of mind is a substitute for experience, but experience is a poor substitute for quickness of mind.

I have been searching patent for various reason in various technology fields since last 4 years as mentioned above,

  1. Working with clients understanding their needs and time constrain and
  2. Working with seniors at different level watching their strategies

Working in multiple technology area and the above two exposures helped me in understanding various key issues and think beyond conventional way of searching. I have developed few concepts for searching effectively

  1. Application based search – Scope driven search
  2. Element based search – Technology driven search
  3. Out of the box search – presence of mind involved

Out of the box search is about manipulating scope and technology. Out of the box search works efficiently and effectively when various permutation and combination of scope and technology broken down into a list. Remember one might get good hit down to the order of list, so the key parameter here is the quickness of mind that help in cherry pick.

This process really helped me in being more productive than usual.


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