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Use of honey in vascular closure devices for better protection from contamination and quick hemostasis

Access site closure seems technically simple in theory, but in reality has proven challenging. For clinicians, the ideal product needs to work quickly and easily every time, and be simple enough for a nurse or technician to use. The ideal product must not embolize in the body, or elicit an unwanted biological reaction. In the worst case, failure of the ideal closure product should always leave the option of manual compression. All first-generation devices fall short on at least one of these criteria, with safety concerns heading the top of the list. Second generation devices face high technical hurdles and need to address the shortcomings of earlier devices.

The healing powers of honey:
Most people think of honey as something that is to be spread on bread, but few realized how many uses it has. Its unique properties mean that it is found in foods, cosmetics, and it even has a place in health care and healing.

Honey has been used for its healing properties for over four thousand years. The Egyptians had over 500 medical formulas based on it whilst the Greeks used it to cure skin disorders. Recent research has shown that they might have had the right idea.

How honey can heal:
Research being carried out around the world suggests that honey helps in the healing and sterilizing of wounds and ulcers, in the growth of new skin, and, has many antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. The reason for this is the unique combination of properties that honey has.

  • Help in the growth of new tissue
  • Stop bandages from becoming stuck to an open wound if applied to the bandage before use

New tissue growth factor could be vital for achieving safe and quick hemostasis.

Use of honey with plug or sealing composition could help in quick and safe hemostasis since it has the property with help in new tissue growth.


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