Time for sharp competitive intelligence

Sun is a bundle of free safe and green energy source available till the day elephant fly and so the solar radiation for generating electricity. The technology barriers have not yet allowed to make breakthrough invention. Sun light is free; can scientist community make electricity from sun for free, if not at cheaper price?

Research are working on dye-sensitized solar cells, which are expected to power Air Force unmanned aircraft in the future because they are an optimum energy harvesting source that may lead to longer flight times without refueling.


Using a flexible film and a thin glass coating with transparent conductive electrodes.
Dye-sensitized solar cells made from organic materials, which use (dyes) and moth-eye film, are able to catch photons and convert them into synthesized electrons that can harvest high photon energy.


These kinds of solar cells have more specific power convergence efficiency, very clean energy and easy scalability to a larger skin area of the craft, as well as, low-temperature processing, which leads to lower costs overall.


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