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Today’s headline on yahoo news:Microsoft will soon unveil free anti-virus software“.

Immediate Market Impact: Symantetc shares fell 0.5 percent on Nasdaq and McAfee fell 1.3 percent on the New York Stock Exchange, while Microsoft was up 2.1 percent. The Nasdaq composite index was down 0.47 percent.

Investors Reaction: Investors are closely monitoring the free service, code-named Morro after Brazil’s Morro de Sao Paolo beach, amid concern it could hurt sales of products from Symantec and McAfee, which generate billions of dollars of revenue a year protecting Windows PCs from attacks by hackers.

Competitors Reaction: Officials with Symantec and McAfee have said they do not see Morro as a threat.

Analyst Reaction: “It’s a long-term competitive threat,” said Daniel Ives, an analyst with FBR Capital Markets, though he added that the near-term impact was minimal.

Is Microsoft attempting to challenge commercial antivirus makers just like  OpenOffice.org challenged Microsoft?

Maybe microsoft is planning to make morro an integral part of its OS for future sales strategy. The reason behind comment is below:

The reason that today’s computers and today’s computer networks are so easily infected stems back to a decision made at Microsoft, for marketing reasons.

In other words, we’re all being screwed by Microsoft Marketing. Let me explain. Read full story….

Source: Yahoo news and bnet.com


Comments on: "Free Microsoft Antivirus “Morro” And Immediate Impact" (3)

  1. The news looks good. Microsoft created the hype earlier too, about BING,as a search tool, to compete with GOOGLE search engine. I doubt whether the long wait was fruitful or not. With most people seeing BING as a new package for its old technology used in MSN the search results looked ordinary.

    I just hope that this time, the hype about a new anti-virus for free, not only meets the desired standard but also set a new standard. For companies like Symantec which are earning millions from their anti-viruses, this has to turn as sad news.

    – Harit Mohan
    Knowledge Scientist, Dolcera

  2. Ankit Biyani said:

    Microsoft does realize that it’s position with Windows and Office and the like may not be secure anymore. So gone or the days of their calling the shots and milking the consumers. Google has started encoaching. There is already news of the first laptops using the open source Android OS by Acer. More details here: http://business2press.com/2009/06/04/first-video-of-google-android-laptop-computer/

    • mjabdul said:

      In my last post I said “maybe Microsoft is planning to make morro an integral part of its OS for future sales strategy” and supported my justification with the post “we’re all being screwed by Microsoft Marketing”.
      But now the latest news about “Microsoft settles suit with Mississippi for $100 mln” clearly indicates that Microsoft will not take a risk to paying another $100 mln by tying morro with it’s OS. The news says “the world’s largest software company abused its monopoly power by tying its Internet Explorer browser to its Windows operating system.” Read the full story

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