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Wonder how many of us have missed this peace of delightful information like me, though the news is not new but worth knowing about…

Yahoo! Inc. has been  granted the Indian Trademark Office’s first ever sound mark registration.

INTA’s Indian representative, Simran Daryanani, has supported the move, saying: “We are extremely excited to learn that the Indian Trademark Office has recognized an audible iteration of intellectual property and granted it protected status as a sound mark.” He went on to comment:: “India has a thriving economy, and its resourceful and hardworking people are developing new products and services everyday, and we hope that this is only the first in a long list of new protections for Indian brand owners.”

In a statement, INTA acknowledged the commitment and leadership in intellectual property protection of the Indian Trademark Office, and said that the decision indicated that sound marks are now being considered as meaningful as word marks.

Source: WIPR

Comments on: "First Indian Sound Mark Granted" (2)

  1. The grant of Sound mark has started a new era in this domain, especially in India, as many companies are looking forward to have their sound marks registered, eg Nokia, which has already applied for a sound mark for its signature musical notation in the Mumbai branch of the Trade Marks Registry and the case is being processed.

    • mjabdul said:

      Does Airtel owns Sound mark IP? I hope this trend will be followed by Indian companies as well.

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