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USPTO issued ADA-ES a patent covering technology to improve the performance of activated carbon injection equipment for control of mercury emissions from coal-fired electrical generating units. The invention is directed generally to treatment of gases to remove controlled materials and specifically to the treatment of flue gases to remove mercury and other contaminants.

Patent #: 7361209
Title: Apparatus and process for preparing sorbents for mercury control at the point of use
Abstract: A system for treating a contaminated gas stream is provided that includes a comminution device 204 operable to effect size reduction of a plurality of sorbent particles and form a plurality of comminuted particles, a plurality of nozzles 224 distributed through the gas stream and operable to introduce the plurality of comminuted particles into the gas stream, and a particle removal device 104 operable to remove at least most of the introduced comminuted particles and form a treated gas stream. The comminution device is in direct fluid communication with the nozzles.
Assignee: ADA Environmental Solutions, LLC
Inventors: Durham; Michael D,  Martin; Cameron E
Filed: April 2, 2004
Issued: April 22, 2008

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