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Patent Invalidation

A defense against the charge of infringing a patent claim is to show that the existing patents is invalid and was granted in error; due to the existence of previously undiscovered prior art which proves that the claimed invention is not novel or non-obvious.

Why invalidate?

  • Invalidity searches can be useful as a defensive tool when a company is concerned about infringing a particular patent
  • An invalidity search attempts to uncover issued patents or other published prior art that may render a patent partially or completely invalid.
  • In contrast, validity searches can also be used to invalidate an in-force patent thereby allowing a company to practice that technology without paying royalties to the firm that holds the rights to the patent in question

What is required to invalidate?

  • Active or lapsed or expired patent/publication
  • Non-patent literature
    • Scientific literature
    • Old sales catalogs
    • Trade journals
    • Conference etc…
  • The most importantly the priority date of source document should be prior to the priority date of the patent to be invalidated, in case of US
  • In case of German, the publication date of source document should be prior to the priority date of the patent to be invalidated


A validity search can serves as a basis for

  • A legal opinion against infringement
  • As a due diligence prior to selling or license a patent
  • Practice technology without paying royalties, if invalidated

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