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Globally, the wind energy sector saw phenomenal growth in the year 2007. However, in India, the industry failed to keep pace. Worldwide wind energy installation were 19,696MW in 2007 up from 15,120 MW in 2006. In contrast in India the installations in 2007 were 1580 MW down from 1730 MW in 2006.

Though India ranks 4th  globally , the country managed to  register a growth rate of just 25.2 per cent against the world average  of 26.6 per cent. This puts India far behind countries like the US (45 per cent), Spain (30.2 per cent), France (56.7 per cent), and its neighbour China (127.5 per cent). India’s total installed wind energy capacity now stands at 7,850 MW in comparison with 6,270 MW in 2006 and 4,430 MW in 2005.

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