Time for sharp competitive intelligence

VoIP, Inc. announced today it has retained the BALL LAW FIRM, LLP, Los Angeles, CA, and that it intends to protect its patent from being infringed on by some of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 companies.

The Patent:       US6501837 (Telephone call connection)
The Law Firm:     BALL LAW FIRM, LLP, Los Angeles, CA
The Technology:   (Click to Call)-(Pay Per Call)

The patents protect innovations that enable “Pay-Per-Call” advertising and “Click to Call” technology, in addition to call connections between two parties initiated via a web browser. In the lawsuit, VoIP, Inc. seeks an injunction that would prevent these companies from further misappropriating VoIP, Inc.’s technology and infringing VoIP, Inc.’s patents. The lawsuit also seeks unspecified monetary damages arising from the companies’ unauthorized use of the patented technology and the continued willful infringement of VoIP, Inc.’s patents.

Based on information provided from some of the industry’s leading technology experts and the fact that this technology is being implemented at an ultra hyper rate domestically and internationally, Byron T. Ball, attorney at BALL LAW FIRM, LLP, stated, “I believe the current value of the patent could exceed 1.25 billion dollars.”


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