Time for sharp competitive intelligence

Forecasting a company’s probability of success is enormously complicated, and depends on many variables such as

  1. Financial
  2. Managerial and
  3. Technological variables

In today’s competing world where information is easily available, corporate are making information based decisions to gain an edge over competitors.

IPR is a battle field where competitors are using common technical information as a tool called “Patent” to gain technological supremacy.

Patent is a rich source of technical information, the information that can be extracted depends on once perception. For an example, one can look at a patent for trends, ideas, solutions and dead ends in a particular technology domain. Patent provides insight of technological as well as legal aspects of a competitor focus. Patenting is slow activity (published 18 months after the filing), patching the gap with scientific literature adds more value to analysis and covers the gap, thus provide insight and unearth key technical trends.

Competitive Intelligence (CI) through patent information is a delicate, costly and time consuming affair, the quality of CI depend on understanding and defining your need, and a well tuned patent analysis process could give better understanding for predicting about your competitor and market.

Integration and visualization of large pool of data from multi-source, multi-platform and multi-format is the key for competitive analysis.

Key capabilities:

  1. Research & in-depth analysis of IP & non-IP data
  2. Intelligent data integration
  3. Data organization and presentation
  4. Bringing information from multiple sources to a single platform

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