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Telespree Communications has received the Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new patent covering automated provisioning and activation of a wireless device, according to a company announcement today.

Telespree’s self-service technology allows wireless carriers to automate manual processes to significantly lower customer care and retail operations costs, while satisfying the end-user’s natural preference for the self-service option .

Telespree continues to innovate in the wireless industry and pave the way for new business models and wireless devices.

The new patent will protect the essential technology behind Telespree’s platform, a solution which automates activation for wireless networks, including:

  1. Service enrollment
  2. Device programming
  3. Rate plan changes
  4. Ongoing account maintenance and
  5. Promotions

Dating back eight years, Telespree has a total of five patents covering its central technology.

The technology covered in the new patent has been deployed commercially in both North America and Europe. It has won such industry awards as

  1. The first place Cingular Award in the North American 2005 SIMagine contest for Most Innovative Use of GSM SIM Technology and
  2. The SUPERCOMM Award for Most Promising Network Technologies in 2003

The new notice of allowance corresponds to U.S. patent application serial number 7,274,928 B2 for “PORTABLE CELLULAR PHONE SYSTEM HAVING AUTOMATIC INTITALIZATION.”

It covers:

  1. An automated solution which ties service entitlement and provisioning to the device identity at the point of initial activation.
  2. The invention gives wireless devices immediate access to the wireless network, limited or unlimited
  3. Thus the need for retail agents, call center agents andIVR systems for providing basic device provisioning and activation services is eliminated
  4. Telespree’s technology also supports applications with on-demand network resources

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