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Patent Database

Free Patent Database:

  1. Patent Lens – Free Full-text Worldwide Patent Searching – serving 8,205,901 patent documents with option of BLAST – Protein and DNA Sequence Search within patents
  2. Spark-IP – IP based technology clustering online tool
  3. DECOPA – IPCentury innovative software tool based on AI-systems for use in research and development and in patenting (Intellectual Property Management) – Guest access available
  4. Patent Tool – The tools on this site are here to save you time when performing analysis of patents – Worth giving a try
  5. Delphion – Delphion is providing FREE 1-day Unlimited subscription package – Click here to register
  6. Gethepatent.com – Free search & result view possible
  7. Wikipatent –  Download free patents

Vendor Patent Database:

  1. Delphion
  2. Micropat
  3. SIP
  4. Patbase

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